Lorcan, crafted by “Balor’s Eye” is really something. From Baltimore, Maryland, this progressive metal band is redefining the term “Progressive metal band”. Still a new, upcoming band having only formed March 2010, they are quickly making a name for themselves with the help of their label “Dark Harvest Records”. One band I want to see go far.

I fell in love with the first track “Pissing Rainbows”. Not only is that a side effect of eating too many Skittles, but what a cool track name! The song itself is really good. I wasn’t expecting it to be instrumental though. I thought “It’s the first track, some bands don’t add vocals to the first track” but to my surprise, not a single word was spoken during this album. This is the point I am trying to make though. THIS ALBUM DOESN’T NEED VOCALS! (subtle, I know).

“Door Fuhrer” was an alright track. It was shorter than the rest and as good as it was, It didn’t sound like the first one as much as I has hoped. It is still a good listen, but I think the following track is a hell lot better. This song does however, keep a good pace but progressively changes sound 3 to 4 times throughout.

The third track, “Lobotomy Please” is my favourite on this album. For starters, it’s a nice long track and if you enjoy the whole thing and not get bored or distracted by butterflies whilst it’s playing, then you know you’re onto something brilliant. I also found myself thinking back to my point. it’s instrumental, yet vocals couldn’t keep up and would therefore ruin this fine piece of craftsmanship.

I think this is the point where you go out and buy “Balor’s Eye”.

The next three tracks which completes the 6 track album, are good. I enjoyed them a lot. I listened to them a few times and defiantly decided they are good. I recommend listening buying the album purely for “Pissing Rainbows” and “Lobotomy Please”.