I recently brought this album not knowing what to expect as I’ve never really given DevilDriver my full attention, only really enjoying the song “I Dream I Died” which is on their self titled “DevilDriver”.

The first song on their latest album “Dead to Rights” is a good introduction into “Beast (Special Edition). Starting off with some great drumming then the guitar which I was catchy. The Vocals is exactly what I expect from singer Dez Fafara. All together, you can feel the passion of their music. This song is going to be a favourite.

“Bring the Fight (To the Floor)” starts a lot more melodic than the first song, but the vocals on this track is harsher with more sustained shouts. Right up my street. The chorus is quite fun and is music I would use to get myself in the mood for some brutal moshing before a heavy metal gig.

“Hardened” is a lot more like StoneSour in the beginning but then manages to get itself into some savage riff which I’m sure all budding guitarist will want to know. The vocals have two different tones which make this song enjoyable.

The rest of this album is really worth a listen, especially “Shitlist”. This song is easily my favourite one for it’s great, gentle introduction, followed by some great lyrics and a catchy and what I believe, is an epic chorus.

I recommend buying the “special edition” rather than the standard version as you get three extra songs, two bonus tracks and one live song. The live song is “Grinfucked” and it is brilliant! Never hearing this song before now, I really enjoyed it and have put it into my “Brutal Metal Playlist” on my iPhone.

You can easily see why DevilDriver are as popular as they are. Being signed with “RoadRunner” means that you have to be as popular as they are or they wouldn’t be with that legendary label for much longer.

Overall, it’s a great album, but I’ve only mentioned a few tracks. Buy the album for yourself and enjoy it’s epicness for yourself.