This is Saving October’s first album that has been released. It is a serviceable first album which I enjoyed listening to. They’re a heavy metal band who deal in a mixture of screaming and heavy vocals backed up by the expected chugging riff-age. They have a memorable guitar riff which is suitably heavy and the foundation of most of their songs. They deploy this style of guitar riff often which at first gives the album a dynamic and cohesive feel, but I thought that perhaps they’re over reliance on it smacked of playing it safe. This being their first album it is understandable that they may not want to take risks but this does lead to this effort sound over familiar to anyone who is a fan of the genre.

Saving October consists of 5 members Danny Scythes/Lead Vocals, Seth Cordrey/Guitar, Ross Elliot/Guitar Zane Maxwell/Bass and Patrick Liberatore/Drums. There have been a few switches with band members since they begun in 2009, but all of the members have live show and recording experience. The band has written two EP’s, “Cut your Losses” and “Hail the Captain”. Decades is their first full album that screamo band has produced.
“Striking an Artery” has to be my favourite song on their album. It’s intro is melodic which stood out from the rest of their album. It has Saving October’s preferred riff present and correct within the song but I found that the contrast between it and the melodic side really made this song brilliant.
Another stand out track is “Roger Rabbit What’s Your Habit?” With its double bass and duel vocals this song really kicks the album off and sets out Saving October’s stall early. Lyrics like “I need you like I needed sleep” really stood out in this song. They gave out some emotion which worked well with the gloomy guitar, which lasts throughout the song.
Most of Saving October’s song are similar. They all sound the quite similar with one or two standing out tracks, as mentioned. If you enjoy their style of music (Which I do), then there is not an issue, but others may criticise this and be put off. “Infamous” is one that, even though it sounds similar to the others, is a song that can be recognised. Apart from the vocal style, I felt like I could be listening to Pantera. I enjoyed this track because the guitarist and drummer sync. It sounds epic. I highly recommend this song.
Another thing I found with “Decades” is they have a intro and an outro. If you listen to the album from start to finish then you’ll get to enjoy it more. I like the way the radio broadcast bookends the album pulls it together. I am not sure of the broadcast itself, but the fact that the style is there at the beginning and end means that I earns a few bonus points.
“Decades” is an enjoyable album, not a masterpiece, but defiantly a starting point for a band which I would like to see a lot more from. I hope that “Dark Harvest Records” have plans for Saving October.
You can listen to “Decades” by Saving October at