It is once again time to get “Down With The Sickness” which I’m sure any Disturbed fan is happy to hear. On 19th October 2018, Disturbed blessed us with their latest album, “Evolution”. It may not have been since we welcomed “Immortalized” with open arms and of course, the beautiful but powerful cover of “The Sound Of Silence”. However, it is worth making a note that this is bassist John Moyer’s first album with Disturbed in over 8 years. Welcome back and more importantly, “Are You Ready”?

The first track on “Evolution” has depth. From one question, the listeners are given many answers and even more to think about. David Draiman’s vocals echo throughout the track and gives you strength and with one of the most loved voices in all of metal, how can you not want to get up and fight? If it’s your personal demons or a task ahead of you, “Are You Ready”? Whatever is going through your head when you listen to this track, you’ll be feeling more confident by the end of the track.

“No More” is very much in character with previous Disturbed tracks. Draiman calls out what he believes is wrong with the world. I’m not going to get political with you as I’m about the music. These songs about the masses uprising against the powerful few, whether it’s big cooperations or people in power are exactly what Disturbed have been about for years. Need I remind you of “Ten Thousand Fists”? This track has a great, powerful tone which compliments the first track like white wine compliments fish. Yeah, that’s right. I read occasionally.

The third track on “Evolution” is something that each and every one of us needs. “A Reason to Fight” starts melodic and soft, once again showing the range that this great band has to offer. This song will hit hard at home for some as it’s the most relatable track on the album. It’s empowering to hear that no matter what you are going through, you have “A Reason to Fight”. I could talk for hours on this beautiful track and the impact it has had and how it takes myself back to many situations where I needed encouragement. This track is a must. You shall not be disappointed with its steady build-ups and consistent words of wisdom.

“In Another Time” has an interesting intro for which I think a great deal of thought went into. After such a gentle and tender track, Disturbed crafted the intro to their fourth track to get into their style of heavy metal that we all know and love. I enjoyed the track but I will admit that it isn’t the front runner on this great album. By now, if you’ve listened to “Evolution”, you will have noticed that the theme of the album is about one’s self. Track five is no different.

You’re “Stronger on Your Own” is something that we all need to hear. The riff and the distorted sound is beautifully combined with the unique vocals to give a finish we all deserve. Whilst maintaining the prementioned theme, this track reminds me of Disturbed’s earlier sound. I shall not go into all of the soppy stuff that this track made me feel because it’s personal. This track will affect us each in our own subjective way and I want you to have your own opinion on this one.

Gather round all, Draiman has something he wants to tell us. “Hold On to Memories” has a really nice acoustic rhythm throughout the track. Now, I know I review “Metal” but we cherish these tracks, metal or not. Fundamentally, this is by a metal band, for their metal fans. Disturbed’s version of “The Sound Of Silence” has proven that Disturbed have more to offer us and we, as an audience, agreed and fell head over heels. This track, being of their own design, for me personally is in leagues with the beloved track. The chorus is powerful and whilst it is sad and reminds me of lost ones, it makes me smile. This is a positive track. I wouldn’t even be angry with you if you started with this song when listening to “Evolution”.

So, it’s time to get back into the metal. Skipping three tracks ahead, “The Best Ones Lie” is the only explicit track on “Evolution” and arguably my favorite on the album. It’s the Disturbed that I grew up with. This song shreds! The solo at 2:14 is incredible and will have your head banging along with the rest of us. Easily the heaviest and most metal track on the album, this is a gift for all the old school fans. It’s catchy, made it to the top of my personal playlist and has been sat on repeat since its release.

What I was not prepared for was “Already Gone”, the final track of “Evolution” (Note that there is also “Evolution Deluxe” with some additional tracks). Following on from “The Best Ones Lie”, you’re brought back to the main theme of the album. It is at this point you understand Disturbed have evolved. They are not the band we once knew, they are something more. For better or for worse is up to you but I support the direction they have decided to take. It’s always a huge risk when an artist we know decides to mix it up. You may have even noticed that “The Guy” has not made an appearance on the album cover, unlike past albums. This is not the same Disturbed. They have matured, they have grown and if you take one thing away from “Evolution”, it’s that you can change and it is ok to do so. Perhaps, it’s no longer time to get “Down with the Sickness”. Perhaps, it’s time we too, evolved.