I am rather rapidly, becoming a huge fan of ‘All That Remains’. I only own their third album “The Fall Of Ideals”, but I will most certainly buy their first, second and more recent albums.

“The Fall Of Ideals” open with an awesome track called ‘This Calling’. This instantly introduces you to what ‘All That Remains’ are about. It reminded me of ‘Bring Me The Horizons’ older albums (which I also love). My favourite song on this brilliantly constructed album has to be ‘The Weak Willed’ as it starts of brutal and keeps that brutality throughout the entire song. Some great vocals and brillaint, and also very memorable guitar playing.

‘All That Remains’ have released 5 albums in total:

1. Behind Silence and Solitude. (Released 2002)

2. This Darkend Heart. (Released 2004)

3. The Fall Of Ideals (Released 2006)

4. Overcome (Released 2008)

5. For We Are Many (Released 2010)

They have also released a live DVD in 2007 called “All That Remains – Live”

I seriously recommend that you have a listen to their work. Here is their website where you can listen to them free of charge. http://forwearemany.allthatremainsonline.com/category/albums/

Happy Listening!