Now, if you’ve already listened to Psychostick’s fifth album, then you know that no intro I write will compete with the opening track of “Do”. The self-proclaimed “Humorcore” band set the tone immediately with their latest addition to my music library. If you were unsure of what Psychostick are, the opening track “We Are A band” should clear that up for you. The track itself has an excellent build up with Rob Kersey taking a personal call in the middle. Wiyj great comedic style, he cuts the call short explaining that they’ve hired an orchestra. I was already grinning by the end of the “We Are A Band” and the rest, as they say, is history.

“You Can (Maybe) Do It” really had me laughing. I don’t know if it’s because its relatable and I can picture many circumstances where this song could be applied. Mostly to those “Inspirational” pictures you get on social media. You know, the one with a sunset in the background with “Stay Strong” or “If you get knocked down, always get back up”. I found this song poked a massive hole in those pathetic pictures to my enjoyment. One lyric in particular states “If I get knocked down, I get up. Sad about it”. The humor is simple but brilliant.

Now the next track is fairly pointless but that appears to be the point itself. The song is entirely about “Tuesday”, the day of the week if that was unclear. Whilst Kersey is clearly very enthused about the day as he “Has no responsibilities”, the other members of the band are not quite as keen. The difference and constant conflict of vocal styles are entertaining. I like this track for its simplicity but it doesn’t rank particularly high for me within the album.

“Adulting” is the following and fourth track of Pscychostick’s “Do”. This song is riddled with references to video games and television shows. It also has a little shout out to “Obey The Beard” from their fourth album “IV: Revenge Of The Vengeance”, one of their most popular tracks and one of my personal favourites. For those who are unsure or are over the age of 30, “Adulting” is completing an adult task. For a topic that is extremely uninteresting, Pyschostick go to great lengths to make it enjoyable. It is very relatable to any listener as no one wants to pay bills and do mundane tasks, but we all have too. Listen to this track whilst completing all your responsibilities makes it a lot easier. Hell, you may smile when your bank balance hits zero but, probably not.

The next track, is hands down, the best track on “Do”, if not one of their greatest tracks to date. “From The Heart” had me crying with laughter over and over. I would describe this track as an excellent break-up track or simply a track for someone you really do not like. I mean, really do not like. No obviously, no one wants harm for anyone else. At least, they won’t ever say it, “From The Heart” does that for you. Now, don’t get the wrong idea, this song is hilarious but with its constant name calling and the stories of what would happen to the person whom you dislike, it is fucking brutal but as much as it’s brutal, it’s funny as fuck. It has an excellent acoustic intro which, along with the lyrics, set the scene and prepares you for what is to come. If you can only listen to one track on this album, let it be this one. But really, you could probably make the time to listen to this whole album so don’t be a “douche canoe”.

“Do” which is the name of the next song, same as the album, holds a lot of similarities to “NSFW” which is also a track from “IV: Revenge Of The Vengeance”. As we already know, Kersey is able to make a whole song with only one word. This track is not a genius, nor as good as “NSFW” but it has an excellent sound which you can’t help but bob your foot and nod your head too. Unlike its counterpart, Psychostick has made their own music to “Do” and it’s great and consistent with who they are, which is funny as fuck. At the very end of the song, you can hear the band laughing themselves which is something I always love to hear. The music isn’t just for the listener. It’s a lot about the listener but it’s about the band and to hear that they are having fun and enjoying themselves makes this track legit.

Now I shall not review each and every track or skit in this 22 track album. After listening to the album several times, I will review the best ones or at least, the ones I think are the best. after all, I like this band a lot and want you to spend your money on their album so they make more and I keep laughing.

Psychostick is known now for the “humorcore” style and the skits within each album. “Keys” is certainly one of the best skits. It’s something we have all lived through at one time or another. Maybe each day if you’re like me. It’s a slow, beautiful song for which we live through the bands perspective. It’s hard to big up a skit which is essentially just about finding your keys. But, having said that, this skit speaks to the listener. It is certainly one of the more entertaining skits on “Do”.

The following track to “Keys” is “Gurrrrrr”. The best way to describe this track is to say when I am listening to heavier bands such as Cannibal Corpse, or other artists with a similar vocal style, this must be what my parents or anyone who doesn’t “get it” hears. If anything, this skit is an infomercial and a dig to people who don’t listen to any sort of metal. “Gurrrrrr” is the gift that keeps on giving.

“Moving Day” is a great song about exactly what it says on the tin, moving house or helping someone move. The song’s intro is genuinely funny and realistic. When someone asks you to help move them, you know it’s a pain in the ass but you’re a good person. So, you will agree even though every fibre in your body screams no. The song is a great expression of the emotions one goes through when agreeing and helping someone move. The heavy riffs take you on a journey as Pyschostick state all the faults with helping someone move and all the barriers you face. The lyrics are incredibly sarcastic at times with constant humor throughout their descriptions. This track is hilarious at points as you hear the band slowly getting more pissed off. It goes from “Up and down the stairs again” to “Fuck that door. We didn’t need it anyway”. Inevitably, the moving truck is set on fire and the possessions are attacked with a chainsaw. It’s beautiful and a real whirlwind of emotions. At 5:25, the song gets really “chuggy” with a sweet riff. Sadly, the band is interrupted by the cops and Psychostick’s infamous humor.

We are once again blessed with the band’s outtakes. If you’re anything like me, you will enjoy listening to it. It confirms what I said earlier about the band enjoying what they do. This is really important and them sharing their outtakes makes you feel apart of that experience. Pyschostick is touring the US from October 24th 2018 until November 12th 2018. You check out the dates and their merch at I’m gonna try an’ get me a moose hat. Everyone should have a moose hat.