I am really into this. Do you ever instantly get that feeling where you go “Oh yeah, this is the shit”. No? Well, perhaps you should be listening to Sputter The Worms.
Reverted is a four piece band from London, UK. Underground like most of the greatest bands were, this band is on the hunt for greater things. Listening straight from the off you can feel their inspirations. Slipknot, Korn, Metallica, Tool and I find perhaps even Nine Inch Nails but with less distortion.
“Don’t Try To Steal Me From The Inside”. Firstly what?! Is that possible? This song has a good intro. What I would call a “Get Set and Go” start. One, Two, Three and we’re off. You’ll understand when you listen to it. The point is it’s a good technique that I am personally partial too. I mean “Prison Song”. C’mon. We all agree that it’s awesome. They quickly release the low vocals, the deeper tone that perfectly sets the mood of the band. This contrasts immediately with the melodic rhythm of the guitar and drums. Well paced and with a consistency that is soothing. I promise. This is hard rock.
“Sputter The Worms” has the Nine Inch Nail factor. You take in the intro and I immediately recognise the feel and power of the band. Reverted have really hit such a good intro here. Perfect pace from the guitar that really empowers and controls the song. Tony Vega starts up with his duel lyrics. A touch that is always enjoyed. He consistently sings along with the music and doesn’t steer to far from the pace. This makes is easy to take in lyrics. Other bands spend too much effort having bland lyrics/vocals and try to have as many guitar solos you can fit into four minutes. It’s not a competition guys. Reverted really nail this one on the head. The second half of this song really picks up and makes an unexpected turn that I have enjoyed over and over.
If you could give yourself any job, I mean any job you could think of and you had to give yourself a really awesome job title, what would it be? Mangledonia (Harvester of Sin)? I think this would be pretty awesome to have on a business card. This song is immediately interesting. Immediately I think “where is this going?” and oh look. It’s a place that is awesome. Keeping their style consistent, you can already recognise the familiar feel of what Reverted serve. Great lyrics that have back up and are held at all the right moments. A “Chug” (Scientific Term) that is real head banging material. Heavy through out and music that you can just keep listening too. This song fades out really well at the end. It’s really good.
This next track is my favourite. I believe many would agree with me. “Tolerance” has a real feel to it with its immediate melody. Slowly bringing in the rest of the instruments to give it that build up it deserves. The vocals kick in and you understand what Reverted are about. This track is proof that this band is going places. Heavier than the rest of the tracks on “Sputter the Worms” but with the best mix of melody. It has three speeds that go from slow to medium to fast. It affects the whole song and then the cycle begins over. You’re constantly kept on your toes and each bit that they interest just makes you want more. This track is something special and you should have it. Trust me.
“Die My Saint” has a slow start but quickens up almost instantly. Followed by Tony it just gets better. Keeping the pace, they introduce aspects that haven’t been on the previous tracks. There is also a massive Slipknot connection in this track. The distorted shouting, the repetition of it and the way it affects the mood of the song. This is very inspired. Lyrically this track is my favourite. The words are sharp and in brilliant timing with the hard rock.
             Tony Vega, Ozzy Preciado, Luis L Valle and Daniel Ruiz have formed something brilliant. Consistent throughout this whole album and providing hard rock that just makes you want more. Melodic that mixes perfectly with the overall heavy feel of Reverted. It’s daring but they dared and the came out the other side with hard rock that can’t be faulted.