Loss of Reason is a five-member band who are raising the standards of metal everywhere. Ian Tobey/Vocals, Chris Love/Guitar, Clarence Freeman/Guitar, Ryan Ware/Bass, Andrew Hess/ Drums have made an EP, “Shark Bites and Lightning Strikes”, that is astonishing and just plain savage. Their influences vary from “Rage Against The Machine” and “God Forbid” to bands such as “Muse” and “Eric Johnson”.
The opening track, “I’m an F.18, bro”, is a great intro that grabs the attention of the listener and encourages them to continue on. It has an enticing melodic sound that, in partnership with its heavy guitar riffs, gives promise of an epic sounding EP. One track in and I was already suggesting Loss of Reason to friends.
“Party, Jannetty, til the Break of Dawn, Michales” introduces Ian Tobey’s contribution to the band as a brilliant vocalist. With his ability to use clean vocals as well as screamo, he has proven to be an essential part of the band. The song itself drew a picture for me. I can easily imagine myself at the front of a crowd, climbing the barrier with the rest of Loss of Reason’s fans. I can just picture myself moshing with the rest of them and enjoying a great performance.
The following two tracks show off this band’s drumming and guitar techniques as well as the level of skill in which they are played. Loss of Reason is competent when synchronising their instruments with vocals. It really gives this band the credentials to be up there with the best.
This EP has already been put onto my iPod but “Helpful Phil” is the most played song out of the six songs which form “Shark Bites and Lightning Strikes”. I just love this song. Its intro is genius without effort but also introduces breakdowns which cause the listener to unknowingly tap their foot and headbang along.
It is always great to finish on a high, which is exactly what Loss of Reason have accomplished. Kurtrusslecrowe is an epic finish to an epic EP. This track alone shows the potential of this band. They show promise and this is one band which I would love to see live on stage.
This EP, in my opinion, is just overall awesome. I have it mixed into my regularly used playlists. They have joined my “Savage” playlist alongside bands such as All That Remains, Dead By April and Bring Me The Horizon. Loss of Reason is one band I will recommend when asked “Name an awesome metal band with dual vocals.”