This weeks issue of Kerrang,, held a top 20 list of Slipknot songs, chosen by the Maggots (Slipknot fans) to celebrate Paul Gray’s (Slipknot’s bassist who died on 24th May 2010) birthday which is the 8th April.

Counting down from 20:
20: All Hope Is Gone
19: Purity
18: Disasterpiece
17: My Plague
16: Sulfer
15: Eyeless
14: Left Behind
13: Dead Memories
12: Vermillion
11: Duality
10: Before I Forget
09: Snuff
08: (Sic)
07: Psychosocial
06: The Heretic Anthem
05: Spit It Out
04: Pulse Of The Maggots
03: Surfaceing
02: People=Shit
01: Wait And Bleed

I actually can see why this list is in this order. I was surprised about “Duality” and “Before I Forget” but I am very pleased with “Wait And Bleed”.

I recommend picking up this copy of Kerrang soon as it has new interviews about their songs from Corey Taylor and other members. Slipknot are on the cover. You can’t possibly miss it with “Ok” and “Hello” either side of it on the shelf.

Slipknot are playing at “Sonisphere 2011,” which is 7th – 10th July. Hope fully see you there.