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Want me to write a review for your Album?

Here’s how it currently works:

  1. Send me the link to your album on Spotify (
  2. I’ll have listen.
  3. If I like what I hear, and can write a positive review, we’re good to go.
  4. I DO NOT write negative reviews. If I don’t like what I hear, I let you know that I can’t write a review.

I have a busy schedule, but I try to write your review within a couple of weeks.

After the review is written:

  1. I publish it on Metal Music Reviewer.
  2. I share it to the MMR Facebook Page. Your band/fan page must share the link.
  3. I share it to the MMR Instagram account. Your Band Instagram account must like the post.
  4. Your review will feature on the  Apple Music /  iTunes Metal Music Chart.

I am putting together a few really cool interactive features for the reviews we publish.