The Cleansing, consisting of 14 tracks, is Suicide Silence’s first album. This album is the beginning of an unhealthy addiction to Mitch Lucker’s vocals. I am also aware that he has been taken from this world. A motorbike accident on Halloween. It is a terrible tragedy and the heavily tattooed frontman will forever be in our minds. I’m also quite upset that he crashed a 2013 Harley Davidson, but that’s my bikerself talking. 

Where were we? Oh yes, The Cleansing. 14 tracks (One hidden) of pure Deathcore metal. I was so pleased that my friend had their album lying around under the seats of their car. They let me borrow it to burn it to my iTunes and off I was. I knew about Suicide Silence and knew they were good. It was just unlucky timing that I found new albums by bands I knew and followed. Before I truly start this review, I would just like to say how happy I am that this is their first album. It’s always nice to start from the beginning. Don’t you think? 

Revelations is a gentle intro. 33 seconds to ready yourself for what is to come. You can gently hear it pick up momentum in the final few seconds and then we are off. 
“Where is your God? Where is your fucking God?” I’d answer him if I were you. “Unanswered” starts exactly how I imagined it would, insane! This heavy and quickly paced rhythm sets the mood. You can feel yourself in the music. Lyrically this song is simplistically awesome. The repetition of “Where is your God” is really effective. If you chose to truly think into what Mitch is asking, then it’s smart. Musically, it’s just a really good track. Can’t criticize at all. 
“Hands Of A Killer” follows swiftly, keeping the whole theme going. I was worried that I was going to be force-fed Deathcore the entire album, but It’s so moving. Pausing at just the right moment makes the music that more effective. 
The next song paints a very colourful picture. Not a pleasant one, but it speaks none the less. A man, on top of a woman with his hands around his throat. She has spent effort and years creating this false beauty and the man plans to revert and undo all that she has created. Ruin her and make the final product irreversible “What cosmetic will fix this mess?” This song is called “The Price Of Beauty” and I recommend you listen to it with your eyes shut so the image is more clear.
“The Fallen” is another track in which the picture has been painted for me. This framed picture of a person falling off a stallion comes to mind. I liked this song, not the best one so far, but it’s enjoyable. It serves its purpose of keeping the consistency of the album.
“No Pity For A Coward”. Now that is what I call a name for a track. Several things shoot through my mind, all gory with a body hitting the floor at some point. This song contains two styles of vocals. You have the high pitched scream mixed with the deep, grunting vocals. This has always been a style I’ve enjoyed and will continue to do so. “Seconds from the end. What’s it gonna be? Pull the trigger bitch”. I mean come on! That is just epic. That kind of genius gives me the chills. I may have myself a favourite Suicide Silence track.

“The Disease” is us. The human race. We are the sickness that is destroying the world. That’s a pretty big accusation, but after listening to the music, you realise that Suicide Silence can defiantly talk, but are also able to walk. Simply listen, and you shall understand. I’ll say no more about this track. 
I don’t even need to mention the imagery on this track. “Bludgeoned To Death” has once again shown us that Suicide Silence can have, what I refer to as “Duel Vocals”. The pace forever changes keeping the music interest, therefore enticing you further into the album. There is another brutal line. “And doctors won’t be able to recognize your fucking face” Wow! Pausing the music so you can only hear these lyrics gave me shivers. Just epic.
This song doesn’t hang about when getting into it. This pleases me as it flows and continues the album. “Girls Of Glass”. There is a story in these lyrics, like most songs on this album. It’s really interesting and it makes you think. This isn’t just noise unlike a lot of bands who share a similar sound. Sophistication has been established within the music and lyrics. 
“In A Photograph” is, I’m sorry to criticize, not great. The repetition of lyrics is usually alright with me and effective when making your point. I hate to be negative but you can’t like them all. “Duel Vocals” make it a lot better, but it’s a very average song. Semi-interesting lyrics. Listen anyway, because you may enjoy it. 
Now, “Eyes Sewn Shut” is a tune! Double bass and chugging (You know what I mean). Headbanging music. The contrast of vocals and then the duet as well. Really good track from Suicide Silence. I am pleased that we are this far into The Cleansing and decent songs still appear. Very encouraging indeed. 
Green Monster has “Marxist” influences. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. An interesting twist and idea to incorporate into a track. Music, after all, is about expressing yourself and your views. I love songs like this. Simply because thought went into this and it shows. The music itself is brutal. Consistent with the rest as expected. 
There are two more tracks on the album, “A Dead Current” and “Destruction Of A Statue” (Not that very well hidden at all and I felt a hint of “Unholy Confessions” by Avenged Sevenfold). These two songs are consistent with what Suicide Silence delivers. I really enjoyed this album overall and would happily purchase the following album. I recommend that if you like screamo vocals, you defiantly give these guys a fair chance.