If you’ve been following Tenacious D on social media, then you know that this album is unlike anything they’ve ever done before. “Post-Apocalypto” is a fun and brilliant album but with Youtube series to go along with. All the artwork for this album and the series was drawn by Tenacious D and it’s exactly what you’d expect. It’s profound, very explicit and drawn like a child. Don’t let that put you off though for any Tenacious D fan will love it. I will warn you though, this album is not really what I consider “Metal” so this review is mostly for fans of the “D”.

“Post-Apocalypto” is more of a journey than an album. Whilst having 21 tracks on the album, only 11 and a half of them are actually songs (excluding the main theme’s reprise at the end”. The rest of the tracks are the stories which give context to the songs. Now, the story summed up is JB and KG surviving in a post-nuclear America. As we follow the duo through their journey, we are given some pretty unusual storylines. As expected, it’s JB and KG fucking groups of women, Elon Musk’s wife, and the Terminator. I know, keep up.

Now, for your first listen of “Post-Apocalypto”, I can’t stress highly enough that you must watch the Youtube web series which you can find on the Offical Tenacious D’s Youtube page. As the duo created the story, the artwork and obviously the music, you are in for a whirlwind of joy which will have you folding in half from laughter. It’s worth noting that, Jack Black voices most of the other characters which include an entertaining Arnold impression for the Terminator. Did I mention the Terminator has a robot pussy? Yeah. You can watch Jack Black test it out in cartoon animation but please after the kids have gone to bed.


Now, once you’ve watched the album online, to differentiate between story and song on either Apple or Spotify, the song’s are all in caps. It’s the easiest way to pick out the songs which you love. The actual “Post-Apocalypto” track is alright. It reminded me a lot of the track “Pick of Destiny”. It will constantly be embedded in your brain until you are eventually driven mad. It is a good track but it isn’t the best on the album.

After the opening theme, we are given “HOPE”. This is the first song after the nuclear holocaust. It’s a gentle but fun song. It is also named after the two *cough* headed dog that JB and KG find in the desolation. Like the majority of the tracks on this album, this song is short and is mostly used so that the duo can refer to the dog and actual hope. Simple but fun at the same time.

“MAKING LOVE” is one of the best tracks on “Post-Apocalypto”. It’s a slow acoustic number but with lost of depth. It’s worth warning you that this is probably the most graphic song in the Youtube series for the obvious reason. None the less, it’s brilliant and we also get a reference to their previous album, “Rize Of The Fenix”. This for me is up there with “Fuck Her Gently” from Tenacious D’s first album.

As we progress through the story of the adventures of JB and KG, we are given “TAKE US INTO SPACE”. This is the bands’ audition to MIT so they can take sanctuary in space with Richard Branson, Elon Musk and the best of the human race. The song is a lot of fun and mostly about adding the word “space” in front of other words to make them unearthly. The audition is mostly a success. Jack goes and Kyle stays sadly. It’s a very entertaining segment in the Youtube series and transitions us into the next track very well.

“FUCK YO-YO MA” is a bit odd. It’s great, fun and very moving. It’s another “Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage” from the previous album. I have always enjoyed the trend Tenacious D have set with Jack getting what anyone would want and Kyle being left behind and alone. It’s a recurring joke that is always welcomed. Jack leaves, Kyle is sad, the duo sings about it. This track, however, gets a bit odd towards the end as they start talking about not being able to come without the other. It was an uncomfortable moment for me.

Fortunately, Johnny Depp dressed as Jack Sparrow attacks the Space Station turned haven. Jack escapes in a pod and finds KG just in time. They are then attacked by “Daddy Ding Dong”. It’s a giant penis monster who has suffered a bereavement at the hands of “HOPE”. The song is genius with the monster’s voice and the indecent lyrics.

“ROBOT” is the best track on the album. Not even slightly metal but it doesn’t matter. This is the Terminator expressing his emotions about how HE feels. Jack didn’t sing with Arnold’s voice, fortunately. That’s where they draw the line apparently. By the time this track appears on the Youtube series, you are already invested in this made up world and its characters. The Terminator is the best secondary character and his solo is brilliant.

The Terminator Tenacious D

Previously, I mentioned that this album has 11 and a half songs. “marCH” is a song by the KKK with a pretty awesome intro. I shall not go into too much detail on this track as I just can’t bring myself to reiterate the lyrics. Trust me, this song is funny as fuck and strengthens the viewers’ love of The Terminator.

“COLORS” is actually a really sweet track sung by Donald JR, aka, JB. I know, I know. It’s about the president now seeing things in color and not in black and white. It even has a flute solo. This track has lots of layers regarding its meaning. It’s pretty obvious when you hear the track but to no surprise, it’s all bullshit from Donald JR.

So, to explain “JB JR RAP”, I will have to give spoilers. So please, at this point, make sure you’ve watched the Youtube series. It’s a must. So, at this point in “Post-Apocalypto”, Jack has a son who has traveled back in time from the future. He is an old man and turns on Tenacious D. This song has an amazing beat. Furtherest from metal you could possibly imagine but none the less, hearing Jack Black sing with autotune is fucking great. It ties in beautifully with The Terminator who provides the sweet beat.

“WOMAN TIME” isn’t as crude as you’re expecting. It’s about the group of women from the start of the series uprising against the men who were the cause of the nuclear holocaust. At least, that’s what they said. It’s got an excellent riff with higher pitched vocals from JB who is still voicing all the characters including the women. This is a great display of Jack’s vocal ability as the range throughout this song is great. It is on par with “Master Exploder” as to how high he can get his voice. Truly an artist who will be remembered for such talent. Oh and KG too.

There are two more songs on the album which are just as good as the rest and finalizes the album beautifully. A message from Tenacious D about how we must “SAVE THE WORLD”. Overall, this is another great album given to us by Tenacious D. The story itself is hilarious and the music adds to the experience in so many ways. This album really is creative and enjoyable for the whole family. I apologize that this isn’t a metal music review but it’s Tenacious D. They previously have delivered great metal tracks for us to enjoy. Whilst this album isn’t metal, it truly is keeping in the tone of the band. I can’t rate this high enough.