Progressive Metal is becoming a huge part of my day to day listening and The Great Gamble is on my list. From Scranton, PA, The Great Gamble has recorded their new concept album “Book 1”. Instantly upon flicking through the tracks, you can tell that they love what they do. Once I found myself with a spare hour, I quickly removed myself from the outside world and involved myself in their music.

“Release The Kraken”, the opening track to “Book 1” is a lengthy 10:06 long. Instantly, I could tell that I had stumbled upon something brilliant. Starting off slow but strong, the song is the definition of progressive rock/metal. It is unpredictable, but as each layer unfolds, you get a pleasant surprise (An exciting version of pass the parcel). There is so much going on but each layer is as intense as the next. A remarkable opening to what feels like an awesome album.
The second track is purely instrumental. It starts off mellow and maintains it (To a certain degree. “The Marketplace” is short and is mostly there to set up the following track.   
“Legends Of The Symmetria” continues on from track 2, but you can hear the build up rather quickly. At 8:56, we have another long track. This pleased me very much as I knew we would be blessed by progression once again. The Great Gamble did it so well in the first song, why not do it again? I would also like to make note that by now, you should have got a feel for the vocals. I thought it was a similar style to Gojira, but we all think differently. It is nice to hear such good lyrics with awesome music. They truly compliment each other to make something better.
“The Ghost Of Three Reflections”. I would just like you to notice how fucking awesome that song title is. This song starts off with the feel of a power ballad. Everyone enjoys a good power ballad, so I was pleasantly surprised by The Great Gamble. With beautiful vocals to begin this song, but after a short while, the progression begins. It keeps the power ballad feel but steadily gets heavier. This is my favourite track on “Book 1” if you were interested. I just love the ending as it picks up the pace and gets brutal. Progressive metal/rock at it’s finest!
“Breach At Fort Mycenae” reminds me a lot of Avenged Sevenfold, especially with the backup vocals. It’s a good track. I can imagine a theatrical music video and lots of screaming metal chicks (Metal band’s dream right?). The vocals are mesmerizing is all I can really say. I got lost in the music. Taken from my world and placed in theirs.
To finalize “Book 1”, they have a 16:35 song. I was half expecting an advert for car insurance to pop up halfway. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. It’s quite a long song, people could argue too much. I enjoyed it for sure, but it was long. This is once again, a rather theatrical song.
The band consist of Al Joseph on lead guitar and vocals, Christopher Joseph doing back up with vocals and bass, Steve Michael also doing back up vocals as well as drums and finally Matt Weaver on keyboard and Violin (Nice touch by the way).

I recommend them and now when asked: “Progressive metal band you recommend?” I say “Oh, listen to The Great Gamble”. Once you’ve listened to them, I think you’ll be saying the same. Once I had listened to all 6 tracks, I may have decided I was going to sit there and do it all over again. It was 2 hours well spent.