I’m not sure where to start when I think about this album. It’s inspirational, unique but above all, their own. Bring Me The Horizon has out done themselves once again by showing all of their fans and other metal bands that they are here, and they mean business.

They open with a song called “Crucify Me” which I have to say, is my favourite. When I first listened to it, I was amazed by the chorus which had a female singing “There is a Hell, believe me I’ve seen it…” It’s brilliant, touching even. This piece of genius was going to be stuck in my head forever. I was convinced however, that this song was so incredible, that the remaining tracks would snowball.

“Anthem” has a enjoyable opening. It immediately got me interested with “This is an anthem, so fucking sing” and other lyrical genius like “I hate to say I told you say, but fuck yeah I told you so”. It gave me an idea of something comical, but at the same time, something memorable.

The forth track simply called “Fuck”, was hilarious. “How do you say goodbye, when your body says hello”. This line summarises a few of my ex-girlfriends in one swift movement. I could go into more detail on the song and it’s theme but I would say, if you hadn’t guessed it already, then listen to it. If you need help after that, please get advice from your local doctor.

“Home Sweet Hole” is a song that stands out on this album in my opinion. It starts out very unlike BMTH, but they we hear Ollie Sykes very strained voice during the guitarists brake. It’s a good track with a very catchy riff with some great screaming near middle of the song with some great words from Ollie shortly after “The whole world is crashing down, the whole world is caving in….”

Other songs such as “Alligator Blood”, “Blessed with a Curse” and “The Fox and the Wolf” are all a really good mix but keeping a unique consistency that is BMTH. This album is highly recommended by myself and other “Bring Me” fans. If you ever enjoyed their other music, for example “Diamonds Aren’t Forever” or “Pray For Plagues” then I suggest you buy this album, their latest instantly.